A Fresh Start

It seems that the beginning of a new year always lends itself to the idea of a fresh start. Another chance to start new habits, get rid of old ones and reinvent yourself. As I think about the idea of a fresh start, I am reminded of the question I get most often about my Tiny House. “Why did you decide to go Tiny?” (Okay that might not be the most common, the most common question so far is, “can I tour your tiny home?” But more about that later!)

Obviously the choice to go Tiny was a complex decision and it will take more than one post to explain, but for now I will say in some ways I was looking for a fresh start. And my Tiny Home was a perfect way to change. A new job, a new state and a new place to call home. Tiny Living intrigued me for what it would let me change, but it was right for me because in some ways it didn’t require any change at all.

I changed my physical surroundings, but my routines and habits remained relatively constant. I still prefer reading to watching TV, I still enjoy traveling on the weekends, and I still go to work each day (although the specific job and location are new). The things that were important in my day-to-day life remained the same, which is why going Tiny worked for me and was an easy choice.

So as you begin this new year of fresh starts and new beginnings, remember to be true to who you are and what is important to you. And next time I will share some of the things that made my “fresh start” exciting.


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