Living Simply…My Tiny House Decision

As I mentioned in my last post, the decision to move to a Tiny House was a complex choice for me.  And I am sure it is a complex decision for most people.  I personally arrived at the choice through a series of events and a lot of introspection.  About a year ago I was stuck in a job that did nothing to feed my soul and in fact was toxic for me.  For a variety of reasons I won’t share here, it was simply a bad fit for what I wanted in life and how I wanted to spend my days.  But it paid for all of my stuff, so I was stuck with it.  What I realized is that without some radical change, I would have to stay at the job I didn’t like.  I couldn’t imaging staying where I was, so I started imagining where I could go.

Once I changed my outlook a whole new world opened up to me.  This desire to change my circumstances and improve the quality of my life led me to do a lot of soul-searching. . .and a lot of reading.   Along my path to self-discovery I was lucky enough to pick up a great book.

In this book, Tammy Strobel explains how she and her husband downsized significantly and began living with less so they could live a more abundant life.  She explained their path to simplicity and why they made the choice to downsize.  This book challenged me to analyze how I spent my time and my money and allowed my to start asking myself tough questions about how I was living my life.   One of my favorite quotes from the book was, “living a simple life isn’t about self-deprivation.  Instead, it’s about giving yourself the time, freedom, and money to pursue your dreams.”  This theme resonated with me on so many levels, but mostly because I realized I was trading my dreams and freedom for the money and security my job provided.

I loved the book so much, I read it three times on a business trip and talked to all of my co-workers about it.  Each time I found myself explaining what it was about and always ended up explaining the concept of a Tiny House.  Each time I followed up the explanation with,  “I mean I could never live in a Tiny House…that’s just too small, but I love the book!”  I spent the next 5 months figuring out what simple living would like for me, and as you know I ended up in a Tiny House…which my co-workers laughed about…but more about that later.


3 thoughts on “Living Simply…My Tiny House Decision

  1. Lora, thanks for starting this blog. I am obsessed with the whole Tiny House movement (I DVR Tiny House Nation on FYI like it’s my job) and I am so curious about what makes people take the leap and what the “after” is really like. Best of luck and it sounds like you are in it for all the right reasons. (P.S. Yes, Casey thinks I’m crazy :))


  2. You are on an amazing journey! If I could only figure out how to part with my five Christmas Trees, 92 t-shirts and other random collections I would love to do it. I admire you for taking the leap.


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