Dreaming Big

Have you ever stopped and just thought about what your dream life looks like? Have you ever taken the time to Dream Big?

I wish I could say that I had always lived my life with my “dream life” in mind, but I think it’s more accurate to say that I lived my life by moving in the general direction I thought I wanted to go. I wasn’t way off track and I certainly didn’t hate my life or where I was, but I found myself ranging between mildly discontent and genuinely unhappy with where my life was a year ago. The good news about getting to that point, was it encouraged me to Dream Big.

My situation with my job made me realize that I wanted to change how I lived day-to-day. But trying to decide what I wanted to do differently was surprisingly challenging. In some ways, I had never really let myself imagine all the possibilities life offered. I had always sort of lived my life like it had been modeled for me, and while in many ways this model is exactly what works for me, in other ways it wasn’t a good fit for where I wanted to go.

On my journey I considered a variety of options. I imagined selling almost everything I owned, moving into a small studio apt and starting a completely new career. I imagined selling everything I owned and traveling the world just to see if I could make it. I imagined staying where I was and trying to ignore the things I didn’t enjoy. And I imagined about a million other options. Each of these dreams had good things and bad things about them, but what they all offered me was a way to create a more meaningful life.

Because I allowed myself the opportunity to design a “dream day,” I had a better understanding of where I wanted my life to go. This dream allowed me to consider a variety of financial options and living arrangements. It included considering a variety of new careers and new hobbies. It also allowed me to figure out what was working in my current life and what wasn’t. Ultimately, Dreaming Big encouraged me to become more intentional about what I wanted in life and allowed me to really clarify what was important to me and why.

Dreaming Big was an incredibly liberating process. (And really fun!) So I encourage you to take some time and Dream Big. Maybe you will figure out you are exactly where you want to be, but maybe you will see little things that will help you live your life more intentionally. While I am guessing not everyone will change jobs, move across country and buy a Tiny House, I am confident that allowing yourself to Dream Big will make you more conscious of the choices you are making and why you are making them.


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