3 Things my Tiny House has Taught me

1. My perspective on needs vs. wants has changed

This week I had the opportunity to tour a model home as part of a work project. And what I realized is that my fundamental perspective of what I “need” to be happy and content has shifted dramatically. If I had walked through the house a year ago, I would of have loved it and I would have been able to articulate why I “needed” this type of space. But this week it just seemed too big.

Transitioning to my Tiny House required me to figure out what I used each day and what things really made my home feel like home. While I mostly agree that things can’t make you happy, I sure do love my books, my coffee maker and my iPad…all of which moved to the Tiny House with me. But I realized a lot of the things I thought I “needed” in my home were a result of creative marketing and social expectations. I have everything I need and want in my Tiny Home. . .well almost everything. . .I would love bonus storage space for my ballroom dresses and triathlon gear.

2. My relationship with money has improved.

Living in a small space has encouraged me to be more deliberate with my shopping habits. Although I was never a huge shopper, I find myself buying fewer things “I need” because I have to figure out where I am going to put them before I buy them. I also buy fewer duplicates because I don’t have tons of extra storage space in my new home.

Tiny Living has even made me more intentional with my grocery shopping. I have a big enough fridge to hold all of my staples and my weekly groceries, but just like the other spaces in my house, each shelf is used deliberately. I plan my meals a week in advance and buy only what I need for the week. I end up buying less and throwing out less. This simple mind shift has allowed me to save a lot of time and money.

3. My Tiny House has also encouraged me to spend more time doing things I really enjoy.

Two of my goals for downsizing were to spend more time with the people that were important in my life and to spend more time doing activities that were meaningful to me. I have noticed a shift in my daily habits in these areas since I moved. And I am loving it!

Now that it takes me a lot less time and energy to keep up with my home, I spend more time “living life”. I have spent most of my weekends traveling to see family and friends or to go run half-marathons. I spend more time outside either walking Rocket (my Aussie-featured below) or just hanging out in nature. I look for the “tourists” things to do near by and I spend more time doing relaxing hobbies, like reading and blogging when I am home. Living Small has encouraged me to change my daily and weekly habits to include more of the activities that I really enjoy and has dramatically reduced the hours I use to spend keeping up with my space. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to vacuum their entire house in under 3 minutes.

All of these changes were exactly what I was hoping Tiny Living would do for me. If you could slow down and live your dream life, what would you spend your time doing?


Picture courtesy of www.fullquiverphotography.com


3 thoughts on “3 Things my Tiny House has Taught me

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