Can I Come In?

Who knew the question I would get the most when I moved into a Tiny House would be, “can I come in?”

In normal circles the only people who would ask you if they could come into your home uninvited would be good friends, close neighbors and the occasional door-to-door salesman. Not so when you live in a Tiny House.

I have had tons of random strangers stop by my house at various times of the day and ask to come in. My favorite quote was from a guy who stopped by during my first week here. He said, “hi, I work across town and heard about this house. I just had to come check it out for myself. Do you mind if I come in? What do you even say to that?

The first few days I found the requests incredibly disconcerting. After all who walks up to a complete stranger (and most requests have been from total strangers) and asks to walk through their home? I often amuse myself by imagining the roles reversed. I drive through a normal neighborhood, pick a house that has good windows, knock on the front door and ask to come in, fully expecting the home owner to say yes. . .this thought always makes me smile, but if put into practice would probably land me in jail.

On some occasions I have been gracious enough to let people tour my home, in fact I am now good friends with a couple who stopped by to ask if they could schedule a tour. They were interested in building their own Tiny Home and I enjoyed the opportunity to share what I have learned with them. At other times (like when the stranger from across town showed up), I have made polite excuses and recommended people just admire my abode from outside.

What I have realized over the last two months is that people are curious about Tiny Houses. Whether it’s because they think people who live in them are crazy, or just because they like the novelty of them, people are willing to break social norms and ask a total stranger to tour their home when it’s Tiny. And in some ways that is really cool.

So, I encourage you to ask questions. And if you are ever in Georgia let me know, and we can set up a tour of my Tiny Home.


2 thoughts on “Can I Come In?

  1. Have a posting outside your door. Museum is closed; for tours of my home please visit http://www.fillintheblank. Friends and family please knock. Thank-you for respecting my privacy. (Or something…. Yeah, there are lots of homes I would love to visit—but I would never just ask. Another idea: “open houses are scheduled the third Tuesday of the week – please come back then if you want to see the house; if you are here to see me; please knock.”

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