A Tiny House Kitchen

I have always been enamored with beautiful, functional and organized kitchens. In fact, I spent a lot of time and money remodeling and updating the kitchens in my last two houses. I poured over pictures in every kitchen and bath magazine I could find and spent countless hours in Lowes analyzing every option. I even created a notebook and Pinterest page specifically for my “dream kitchen.”

When I was finally ready to remodel, I searched for the perfect cabinets full of fancy storage solutions. I replaced my appliances with shiny stainless steel versions that had tons of useful and functional features. And I agonized over the countertops. The research and hard work paid off. I loved my kitchens.

It should come as no surprise that when I started looking at Tiny House designs, I often focused on the kitchen. The challenge was changing my mindset on the must haves, after all you can’t fit the perfect french door Samsung fridge in a Tiny House. But I still wanted it to have room for my pots and pans, my dishes and a few of my most useful kitchen gadgets. I also wanted it to feel roomy. . .no galley kitchens for this kid! Here is the kitchen I ended up with.



I picked this layout because it had quite a bit of storage in terms of cabinets and drawers. It had an open feel and it appealed to me aesthetically. By forgoing a full sized oven, I was able to add a washer/dryer combo on the back side of my counters (which was a must have for me).

I really like my kitchen, but a Tiny House kitchen is nothing like a “normal sized” kitchen. I have comparatively little storage space in this kitchen compared to my remodeled kitchen in my other house.

My pantry consists of a couple of wicker baskets and a drawer in my stair case. I do all of my baking in a toaster oven and I cook my meals on a two burner induction range. Sadly I had to leave the fancy Samsung fridge behind. It has been replaced with an apartment size fridge (stainless steel of course!), which is great, but it certainly has limited space, particularly for frozen food. These changes require a new way of approaching cooking.

So this month I am starting the Capsule Kitchen Challenge. This challenge involves picking 33 foods to use over the next three months for all of my meals. Over the next three months, I will be sharing my list, my recipes and my experiences of my challenge. My goal is to find new delicious recipes and generally learn to be more thankful for the abundance in my life. I’d love it if you would sign up to follow my blog and perhaps share some great recipes with me!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this challenge.


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