Shopping Fun!


So this is what shopping for a 33 item food list looks like!

I officially started the Capsule Kitchen Challenge this month. My plan is to share updates throughout the next three months to explain my thoughts and experiences with this challenge.

So here is my first observation. . .shopping is now a breeze! I really don’t enjoy shopping. I am not sure how I missed the gene, but it just didn’t stick. One of the things that appealed to me about this challenge was the idea that I would I could simplify my shopping trip to the grocery store.

I have used shopping lists for my groceries for a long time, but making my list is even easier now! I went to the store with my list of 33 items and I was out of there in 15 minutes. No more wondering if I had missed something or wandering around the store for a forgotten key ingredient. It was fantastic.

Here is the list of 33 items I decided to stick with for the next 3 months (in no particular order)

1. Shrimp
2. Avocado
3. Tomato
4. Onion
5. Peppers
6. Mushrooms
7. Asparagus
8. Broccoli
9. Cauliflower
10. Apples
11. Bananas
12. Black Beans
13. Pinto Beans
14. Mixed Greens
15. Quinoa
16. Whole Grain Bread
17. Chicken
18. Chicken Broth
19. Coffee
20. Hot Chocolate
21. Milk
22. Eggs
23. Bacon
24. Tortillas
25. Tortilla Chips
26. Cheerios
27. Oatmeal
28. Three Cheese Blend (Asiago, Parmesean, Swiss)
29. Mixed nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews)
30. Cranberries
31. Corn
32. Sweet potatoes
33. Chocolate (ideally dark dove squares only, but we will see how it goes!)

I came up with most of the items on my list pretty easily just by looking at what I currently eat. I have been trying to add more whole grains and fresh veggies to my diet, so this was a great way to enforce that habit. I am also doing my best to eliminate white flour and reduce sugar in my diet (many of you have probably noticed chocolate is still on the list. That was for the safety and well-being of my co-workers!).

I am sure I missed something important, so I decided to reserve the right to change up to 3 items if I realize I missed an item I can’t live without. I will also be using butter, olive oil, coconut oil, balsamic vinegar dressing, honey mustard dressing, garlic, cilantro and salt to flavor my meals. I am sure the seasoning list may change over. I’d love to hear your thoughts on other great flavor boosters.

My goal is to try at least one or two new recipes a week that include these items. If you have a suggestion for me to try, please let me know! I will be featuring some of these meals in my future blog posts. I think that’s it for now!

P.S. If you are interested in following along just sign up to follow my blog and you will get updates via e-mail.


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