Is it Cheating?!?

Okay here is my Tiny House confession. I own a 4 x 6 cargo trailer that I use for overflow storage.


This mighty little trailer (which looks hilarious sitting beside the massive RV’s and huge trailers at the storage lot), increases my square footage by 10%. Yep, that’s right, 24 square feet adds 10% to my total square footage.

My little trailer houses my out of season clothing, my extra triathlon gear and all of the luggage I couldn’t force myself to part with. It keeps my Christmas decorations safe and gives me a spot to hang my business suits for the two times a year I need them. All in all, it is a fantastic addition to my Tiny adventure.

I have owned my cargo trailer for almost 10 years. I originally purchased my trailer to move my 55 gallon salt water aquarium from Wyoming to Georgia when I went to grad school. My little pal has traveled across country with me multiple times and has always been a fantastic way for me to move the items in my life that are most valuable.

When I decided to downsize I knew I would have that space to use for storage and it allowed me to keep some of the things I would have had to part with otherwise (like my luggage. . .I have a luggage illness). I probably wouldn’t have gone out and purchased a cargo trailer for overflow storage if I hadn’t already owned one, but it is certainly nice to have.

I can hear the gasps from here. “I thought she lived in a tiny house, isn’t that cheating?!?” Well, I guess that depends on your perspective.

The idea of right-sizing is about creating a life that is intentional and meaningful. For me, using this “extra” storage seems both practical and useful. However, I know there are those who would argue that if I have to store some of my possessions I haven’t really downsized enough.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this subject.


6 thoughts on “Is it Cheating?!?

  1. Totally not cheating. I have a “tiny house” and save my seldom used with family. Especially since you don’t plan on living like this forever, your method is smart. 🙂


  2. I don’t think it’s cheating at all. That is something I always thought about watching shows like Tiny House Nation. There are certain things (Christmas decorations, especially meaningful ones, and luggage being two) that are important to own but not necessary to everyday life and would be extremely expensive to purchase every time you needed them. I think that thought (I don’t need it now so I can just buy it when I do) is wasteful. I think you’re very smart and it suits your intentional living purpose.


  3. That’s something my husband and I have discussed recently. For us it’s a small storage unit for cycling and camping stuff, and some Christmas items. There’s also the items that won’t fit in a tiny home but we don’t want to get rid of in case we decide to go with a small 400 sq. ft. home instead of a tiny house. We both agree that we don’t WANT to have extra things in a storage unit. I like what you said about doing it intentionally. And what a relief to know that not everyone thinks it cheating! 😉 lol


  4. Thanks everyone for chiming in regarding this post. I have to say, I am surprised more people didn’t argue that this was in fact “cheating.” Otter I love your idea of leaving some stuff with family. I have a few pieces of furniture that my family is using until I need it again…just in case! Overall, I think it’s about finding a balance for what works for you.


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