Change Your Perspective

Change your Perspective

Sometimes events in our life change how we look at things.  Sometimes it is a little thing that makes us pause, but other times it is a big event that we know is going to fundamentally change us.  I am trying to become more conscious of these moments and events.

I now view them as an opportunity to change and refine my perspective on what’s important and how I want to live my life day-to-day.

Last week I was fortunate enough to travel across the county to spend time my uncle who is battling cancer.  I knew before I left to fly to California that this was going to be one of those big events.  This one was going to change my life.

Life is what we make of it

This visit reminded me that life is what we make of it.  Despite battling cancer for more than a year, my uncle is still the same strong and funny person I have always known.  What impressed me most was his ability to maintain his courage and strength throughout his battle.

I was thankful I had the time to spend with him, not only because it gave me the opportunity to say goodbye, but because it gave me a not so gentle reminder to live my life to the fullest.   It also reminded me that our perspective is what determines our  life experiences.

Make the most of it!
His love for his family has been magnified…or maybe it is just that I am more tuned in to what is taking place between us.  Every conversation, every laugh and every hug became important.

What if we could live our life focused on the things that really mattered all the time?

What would you change if you knew the end was near?  What conversations would you have with friends and family?  What small annoyances would you just ignore?  Is today the day to change your perspective?